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So whether you are looking for ways to save money, or advice and ideas on investment opportunities, or want to find

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Generation Y Take Most Risks Besides Bank Account Fraud Concerns

YouGov research commissioned by Equifax reveals the ‘fraud fear factor’ across the generations as 5.1 million online fraud incidents and 2.5 million cybercrime offences added to annual crime figures for England and Wales**

New online YouGov research commissioned by Equifax*, the credit information provider, reveals that Generation Y, whilst probably being the most technology-savvy, seem to be the most blasé about protecting themselves from financial and

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Credit card usage set to soar over the Christmas period

It should not come as too much of a shock that credit card usage numbers went up during the Christmas season as many Brits turned to their plastic to help finance their Christmas gifts. According to figures, about a third of all people used plastic in order to buy their presents adding to their total debt while another 13% chose to overdraft or take out

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Good health apps literally now cost pennies

Almost everyone today has either a tablet or a smartphone in their pocket or bags, and that means that financial health is really just a few clicks away. There are many different apps designed to help make personal finance a bit easier for the modern person. Now you do not have to be a finance expert in order to keep your accounts in order because

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UK personal debt just keeps rising

“The only sure things are death and taxes” – or words to that effect – might be quite accurate, but for most adults in the civilized world another sure thing could be added, and that is debt. Most of us owe a little or a lot of money at some point in our lives, and that’s perfectly acceptable up to a point.

According to the UK

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Balance transfer customers are missing payments and adding to their debt

TotallyMoney.com has released the findings of their latest research which claims that 25% of the total number of people who went after cheap balance-transfer credit cards, have missed at least one monthly payment in the past year. In most of these cases, they have to pay an interest fee of around 20% per year, in addition to their already debts.

The research was conducted after Barclaycard

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Troubles ahead for those with interest-only mortgages

The Financial Conduct Authority, which is the regulator of borrowing, has reported that 50% of the 2.6million interest-only borrowers will have difficulty in clearing their loans following a shortfall of about £71,000. Many people believe it is just a matter of time before this “ticking time bomb” explodes.

The changes are becoming urgent and mortgage lenders are reiterating their position to their borrowers to take some

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More than half of the over 40’s have no life insurance

Research conducted in Great Britain states that more than half of the total British population with ages of 40 and above have no insurances to cover for the surviving partner’s income, in case they die. Out of these, women aged 40 and above are more prone to entirely depend on the income of their partners at retirement, with 20%, while the rate for men doing

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Card fraud at its highest since 2009

According to figures released by Financial Fraud Action, card fraud has hit its highest half year record since 2009 with £216 million having been lost through credit and debit cards from Jan-June 2013. This year’s figure is 17% higher than what was recorded in same period in 2012.

The 3 million people who fall victim to different scams every year is just a representation of what

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Equifax advise potential users of the Home to Buy mortgage guarantee scheme

www.equifax.co.uk has all the details you will need if you are looking to take advantage of the ‘Help to Buy’ mortgage guarantee scheme from the Government.

In a week when it is expected that thousands of potential first time buyers will be looking to take advantage of the Help to Buy mortgage guarantee scheme to get their feet on the property ladder, Equifax have highlighted the

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Management applications for personal finances more readily available than ever

There’s an abundance of management applications for personal finances available, from Simple, a bank linked, real-time app to keep track of outgoings and incomings (unfortunately only in the US) to Dollarbird, an ultra-smart calendar app tracking expenses and income.

The new app on the block is Level which is quite similar to Simple. It links to your accounts and gives real-time metrics on spending and income

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