Credit card usage set to soar over the Christmas period

It should not come as too much of a shock that credit card usage numbers went up during the Christmas season as many Brits turned to their plastic to help finance their Christmas gifts. According to figures, about a third of all people used plastic in order to buy their presents adding to their total debt while another 13% chose to overdraft or take out

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The big debate over whether students should have a credit card rumbles on

Should students today own a credit card? This is actually one of the biggest financial questions that parents and students face. In the 21st century, credit card has significantly affected the life of many people. We basically use credit card in shopping online or even paying bills. For a student who will be heading off to the university, having a credit card is just normal.


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Shake up expected in banking

Under new European plans to scrap or cap the fees which underpin the system of paying with a card, we could see the end of free banking. Experts are warning that the planned reforms could lead to consumers paying for using a credit or debit card, with such things as interest free periods, rewards and cashback quickly becoming things of the past.

The representative of the

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Sainsbury Bank offers two card options

Two new credit cards have been introduced by Sainsbury Bank. These new cards not only provide the feature of attractive interest rates but also a reward scheme which makes them distinct from others. The cards on offer have the cash back option and another option in which every purchase gives the card holder Nectar points to be redeemed later on. APR in both cards is

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Differing rates of credit card balance transfers

A large number of people are transferring balance between credit cards nowadays and more than ever. There are some credit card companies that offer low transfer fees for people such as Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds TSB Platinum, and Nationwide. Among the three credit card companies mentioned prior, Royal Bank of Scotland offers the cheapest transfer fee equivalent to only 1%.

Lloyds TSB Platinum and Nationwide

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Cash back credit cards becoming ever more popular

These days, many UK households are feeling the financial strain, which therefore led a lot more people to find anything that can give them a better deal, including switching credit cards. As Brits become better and better in figuring out ways to save money, they have not let different kinds of credit cards slip through the net..

Therefore, no one really finds it unusual that there

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Brits Christmas credit card debt carries on well into the New Year

A new report shows that one out of every four Brits will still have credit card debt leftover from the Christmas holiday season well past January. In fact, about 23% of all Brits do not think that they will be able to pay off their store cards and credit cards by the close of January. An additional eight percent believe that it will take them

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Finding the best credit card to switch your balance to

If you want to pay your credit card transactions on time and you are looking for the one with lowest amount for balance transfer, you should consider learning the basics.

The high interest rates are the biggest issues complained about by many credit card users, with some cards charging 20% interest, and if that’s the case, you should consider looking for one with a low interest

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Credit fraud amounting to £1.2bn a year in Europe

Europol, the EU police agency, stated that every year criminal gangs are able to make about £1.2bn from credit fraud. The statement was made at the same time that regret was expressed by the agency that better security features and overall compliance is still patchy throughout the nation.

In 2011 almost all of the fraud that pertained to EU cards took place outside of the EU

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Stolen credit cards used to buy high end goods at top auction houses

Fraudsters were able to use credit card details that they stole in order to purchase some expensive high end watches and jewellery items from top auction houses including Christie’s and Bonhams. The credit card details were stolen from people that live in the US and Canada and were used by a four member gang to register accounts as telephone bidders.

It was claimed in court that

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