Families set to face even higher electricity bills

Due to new changes that have been outlined in a new draft Energy Bill families are going to face higher electricity bills. The changes have been made to increase funding that can be allotted to help develop renewable and nuclear energy.

This is important as the long term energy strategy of the Government is to utilise nuclear power and slowly reduce carbon emissions over time. In

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Ways to ease your monthly outgoings when strapped for cash

In these times of economic hardship it is no surprise that people are looking out for ways to cut down their monthly outgoings. One of the easiest ways to do this is to make an assessment of the bills that you are paying every month and checking to see if you can get a better deal elsewhere.

Technology services are often changing their contracts, and if

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Energy prices still rising despite massive profits for the big 6 providers

After the cold winter that left Britain homeowners using their fuel allowances, many households are still suffering the rising costs of energy costs due to the fact that energy bills are now higher than they ever have been before and look to continue increasing over the next few months. It is estimated that about three million households are in a state of ‘fuel poverty’ which

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Homeowners to have the opportunity of investing in energy efficient products

In the next few months a new service is going to be launched which is going to offer homeowners the ability to invest in energy efficient and renewable energy projects. This is the first sort of project of its kind in the UK and it is going to offer low-interest loans to homes which can utilise green technologies.

The idea is that people who lack the

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Collective purchasing can greatly reduce energy bills

Britain’s first attempt to introduce collective purchasing, or group buying, in an attempt to drive down energy bills has seen over 75,000 people sign up to the campaign organised by consumer magazine, Which?

Although similar programmes have been run with some success elsewhere in Europe, this is the first time that a large group of people have got together and used their collective buying power to

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