Good health apps literally now cost pennies

Almost everyone today has either a tablet or a smartphone in their pocket or bags, and that means that financial health is really just a few clicks away. There are many different apps designed to help make personal finance a bit easier for the modern person. Now you do not have to be a finance expert in order to keep your accounts in order because

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Card fraud at its highest since 2009

According to figures released by Financial Fraud Action, card fraud has hit its highest half year record since 2009 with £216 million having been lost through credit and debit cards from Jan-June 2013. This year’s figure is 17% higher than what was recorded in same period in 2012.

The 3 million people who fall victim to different scams every year is just a representation of what

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Government start to claw back child benefit payments

It was announced by the government in its last budget that it intends to recover some of the child benefit it has been giving to lower income families. The entire child benefit will be recovered in cases where one of the partners earns more than £60000 per annum.

The new proposal, called High Income Child Benefit Charge (HICBC), came into effect from January this year. Those

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Rising prices make the poorest in Britain even poorer

A new report has revealed that Britain’s poorest households are paying 10p more in every £1 for everyday goods and services. A study found that the poor are harder hit by rising prices and low income families are unable to pay through direct debit or online and need credit and pre-payment meters for utility bills.

The report, compiled by Rowntree Foundation and Consumer Futures, admits that

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Public liability cover in the spray tan business

Everyone who has a business that comes into contact with the general public, be it on their premises or the customer’s property, should ensure that they are covered by adequate public liability insurance. As yet, this is still an optional cover for business owners as opposed to insurance they have to have by law, but the problem is the fact that you don’t have to

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Crackdown planned on the payday loan sector

Consumer campaigners are asking that a crackdown occur in order to make the credit industry much more accountable for their actions after finding out that about 25% of those who take out payday loans at high APRs do so in order to pay for other debts.

Watchdog group Which? explained that many borrowers that cannot receive any credit from mainstream sources become so credit for extra

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Personal finance instruction to become part of the National Curriculum

Earlier this month, it was decided that it would be mandatory to have a personal finance instruction all through the school system starting next year, with the NSFL (National Strategy for Financial Literacy), the public sector presidential commissions, and private sector trying to look for the best solution.

This important development was not welcome in other countries such as the US whose government has been unable

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PayPal launches new and convenient card payment service for small businesses

PayPal has just launched a new chip and PIN device that helps small businesses like taxi firms and market stall vendors to accept card payments. ‘PayPal Here’ targets small businesses which have always relied on cheques or cash and may find it very expensive to accept card payments.

A customer at a small market store would use the PayPal device in the same manner as they

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Business mobile payment service set for the UK in 2014

Due to the agreement of banking and funding associations that embodies 90% of the present accounts; UK’s first business-wide mobile payment service will be launched in the spring of 2014. At present, eight finance groups already gave their word to cater the service, which will be done without disclosing the users’ account information. More discussions and meeting are being held in order to encourage others

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Move to get financial lessons included in national curriculum

The government believes that staff in banks should study more to better themselves. A report presented by a financial education group to the education department sector stated that they should make sure that any new curriculum should incorporate an improved stipulation aimed at teaching children the subject of finances. The new curriculum must not only provide additional knowledge for the old staff, but also makes

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