More than half of the over 40’s have no life insurance

Research conducted in Great Britain states that more than half of the total British population with ages of 40 and above have no insurances to cover for the surviving partner’s income, in case they die. Out of these, women aged 40 and above are more prone to entirely depend on the income of their partners at retirement, with 20%, while the rate for men doing

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Those over 65 are put back in control of their travel insurance thanks to Bought By Many

Older travellers are being given the control again over their travel insurance thanks to Bought By Many as the company have teamed up with Travel Adder, the travel insurance specialists, and have launched a brand new offer for those over 65.

Those over the age of 65 can now save as much as 8.6% off all policies purchased from Travel Adder, and all they have to

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Public liability cover in the spray tan business

Everyone who has a business that comes into contact with the general public, be it on their premises or the customer’s property, should ensure that they are covered by adequate public liability insurance. As yet, this is still an optional cover for business owners as opposed to insurance they have to have by law, but the problem is the fact that you don’t have to

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Women suffer the most in the EU gender shake up for car insurance

With the emergence of the EU gender rule, the insurance cost for all drivers, including the 50% rise for young women, will be observed. This is Europe’s way of complying to the newly devised gender neutral rule, which means that insurance providers will not take gender into consideration in computing the payment and benefits that each one will receive.

The new policy started last December 21

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How To Reclaim Mis-sold PPI

PPI or payment protection insurance is a type of policy helps the policyholder to pay his debt, if he is unable to repay his debt due to his inability to work for reasons specified in the policy. Many residents of UK are taking the benefit of this policy. However, many people become victims of mis-sold PPI; most of the policyholders are mis-sold PPI intentionally or

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Understanding Life Insurance

Life insurance isn’t always the easiest concept to understand. Thanks to technical legal terminology and a complicated system, many can often become confused by the prospect.

To this end, here is some easy-to-understand information regarding life insurance. From the benefits of insurance, to the various types available, there are more options out there than you might have originally realised.

The Benefits

The main reason behind life insurance is

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Barnardo’s teams up with QualitySolicitors for ‘Will Week’

Barnardo’s teams up with QualitySolicitors for ‘will week’

Barnardo’s and QualitySolicitors have spent a great deal of effort and time in creating an award scheme, which is going to help a great many people prepare for the future.

The legal group, and the charity have come together to promote legacy donations, and will writing.

Quality Solicitors is a national network of firms that have come together to work

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Evidence offered for inflated costs after insurance claims

An online insurer has revealed fresh evidence that following an accident insurance claims costs are artificially boosted. The inflated costs, which can amount to up to £200 million per year, are the fault of credit hire firms. These firms purchase details of owners from garages and often insurance companies, and offer repairs and hire cars to the driver after an accident.

A large proportion of these

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Banks slow to pay back money made from selling PPI

In recent years, one of the biggest financial scandals has been the mis-selling of PPI ,or Payment Protection Insurance. Consumers have been duped by banks into buying expensive insurance policies that they do not actually get any benefit from. A court ruling has said that the banks have to pay back all of the money that they took off unsuspecting consumers, however, they have been

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