Phase 2 of the government’s home loan guarantee scheme is up and running

The government increased the home loan guarantee scheme in the second phase and has revealed it to the public with something of a fanfare. At last, the home loan companies will be offering their products to Joe public.

Phase two has been planned in such a way so that small investors can easily buy a real estate property at lower prices than current rates. The purpose

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People still receiving scant advice when it comes to investing

Millions of people are receiving little or no guidance regarding their investments, what with radical reforms being brought in to up financial advice and wipe out mis-selling. With the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) coming into effect in Hogmanay, the big names in the banking industry are apathetic towards branch-based advice.

Financial advisers have left the industry or are walking out on clients considered insufficiently affluent. Clydesdale

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Five UK cities where it is cheaper to rent than buy

The housing market is causing increasing frustration in that there are so many who don’t meet the criteria to qualify for a mortgage so are forced to enter the rental market which is costing them a small fortune.

According to recent research from, the property website, tenants are now paying an average of 14% more by renting when compared to those with a mortgage. To

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Latest research reveals the risk involved with staying on a standard variable mortgage

The Council of Mortgage Lenders released the results of their research this week that suggests staying on a standard variable mortgage, more commonly referred to as fixed mortgages, is actually a huge risk.

The news is surprising given the fact that for most of modern history a fixed mortgage has been considered to be a more secure mortgage product when compared to tracker or variable mortgages that are

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Halifax survey reveals buyers better off financially than renters

Halifax has run its annual review on buying versus renting and has found that those who buy a home save around £132 per month for choosing to buy instead of renting. The review took a close look at the costs of purchasing a three bedroom home versus the costs of renting the same property in various regions of the UK.

It found that with the average

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Investors to benefit from company’s new SIPP loyalty bonus

Investors to benefit from company’s new SIPP loyalty bonus

Hargreaves Lansdown will be crediting the SIPP loyalty bonus to their investors’ accounts in most cases monthly, and as cash, from January 2013.

Over 120,000 SIPP, or Self Invested Personal Pension, investors will benefit from the £6m a year boost that Hargreaves Lansdown are giving their retirement savings thanks to their SIPP loyalty bonus they have introduced,

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Factors to consider when choosing a mortgage

It can be hard to know whether to choose an interest-only or a repayment mortgage, but there are several factors that you should consider before making your final decision. To start with, an interest only mortgage will be able to offer you lower repayments on a monthly basis, but most likely you will not actually touch anything on your loan.

Therefore, you are never going to

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Government makes £80bn available to banks through Funding for Lending scheme

The government has recently made available £80 billion to building societies and banks through the Funding for Lending scheme which it hopes will boost households and small businesses across the country. It is expected that soon many homebuyers are going to feel the benefits of the scheme which begins on 1 August. The idea behind the scheme is that it incentivises banks to offer cheaper

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Mis-selling of Interest Rate Swaps

The banks caused the financial crisis and the government seem incapable of bringing the country out of the crisis. The mis-selling of Interest Rate Swaps and subsequent litigation which is now becoming prevalent may well be the catalyst to bring the country out of recession…..

It is well known that the international financial crisis which has been blamed for much of our woes since 2008 was

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Homeowners to have the opportunity of investing in energy efficient products

In the next few months a new service is going to be launched which is going to offer homeowners the ability to invest in energy efficient and renewable energy projects. This is the first sort of project of its kind in the UK and it is going to offer low-interest loans to homes which can utilise green technologies.

The idea is that people who lack the

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