Devaluation of the pound means holidays costlier this year than last

The devaluation of the pound against other currencies of the world, especially the ones which are used in the popular tourist destinations, could mean hard times for the holidaymakers. These destinations in Europe, Thailand and the Caribbean that are frequented by British tourists will be costlier for them to visit as a result and overall sterling has taken a dip in exchange value against nearly

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Those over 65 are put back in control of their travel insurance thanks to Bought By Many

Older travellers are being given the control again over their travel insurance thanks to Bought By Many as the company have teamed up with Travel Adder, the travel insurance specialists, and have launched a brand new offer for those over 65.

Those over the age of 65 can now save as much as 8.6% off all policies purchased from Travel Adder, and all they have to

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It’s cash only in Vatican City

If you are planning to visit the Vatican, you might want to bring some cash because they don’t accept American Express, actually, they don’t accept any credit card. You can’t use an ATM either because all the ATM machines are experiencing a power failure so you need to bring some cash with you.

On Wednesday, January 2 2013, most establishments in the Vatican decide not to

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