Things To Look At When Buying A New Car

What type of car you choose to buy would always be subjected to your preference. While buying a new car there are several factors that have to be weighed in. Here we shall discuss some aspects that would be applicable for all and sundry, irrespective of the car you decide to buy.


Many first time car buyers offer too many buying signals or make their preferences

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Energy prices and household bills, credit cards and loans, these are just some of the favourite things of This is a blog that is personal finance by name and nature, so expect banking and consumer news blogs, all about issues that could affect you!

So whether you are looking for ways to save money, or advice and ideas on investment opportunities, or want to find

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How to make a PPI claim

PPI claims are big news these days and it can seem like anybody and everybody is entitled to compensation for PPI mis-selling.

However, this is not always the case and the only way to find out if you are entitled to PPI compensation is by speaking to a financial solicitor.

A claim for PPI compensation can usually be made if you have taken out a loan,

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Huge numbers of house plots contaminated in UK

Estimates are that of all the UK properties, 3% of them are affected by contamination. This means that over 785,000 different properties could be contaminated. Land clean-up costs average £250,000 for contaminated lands per acre so the average plot in the UK would cost to clean up about £15,000.

The Environmental protection Act says that first one who bears responsibility for the clean up of the

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Centre for Policy Studies says the public should save more with banks

The Centre for Policy Studies is a conservative think tank that originated in 1974, founded by Margaret Thatcher and Sir Keith Joseph.  The organization’s stated goals include promoting “coherent and practical public policy” amongst others, and they have just presented a fairly radical suggestion regarding taxpayers and bank bailouts.

Chairman Maurice, Lord Saatchi is also the former chairman of the Conservative party, and he says that

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Schools should teach personal finance

To better understand financial products and not get “taken” by banks and financial advisers many people feel it is best to include personal finance education to school curriculums. However, for a few reasons, it looks as though it will not be mandatory.

Financial Services Authority says that today the majority of consumers do not know basic financial definitions. Compound interest is unknown to most, making it

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New credit card rules on the way

Starting 2011, major changes to credit cards process will come into effect. The new regulations are the result of Labour initiated investigation that started in 2009 to look into the fairness in the ways by which credit card companies treat their customers. Borrowers, estimated by millions, will gain a substantial advantage from such changes. However, experts warned borrowers to be vigilant, as some greedy lenders

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Mortgage lending just keeps tumbling down

Mortgage lending is going down the tubes with the economy, according to figures for the month of September.  Many so-called mortgage experts were shocked to find that mortgage lending in September was even lower than in August, which is traditionally the weakest 30 days of the year.

Even more experts stood with their mouth’s agape as it was revealed that the numbers for September were down

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Banking costs highest ever

Banks and building societies are charging their customers more and more, according to findings from the Bank of England. Customers, on average, are being charged at a rate of 19.1 per cent.

The Bank of England has said that these are the highest rates that have been seen since records were first taken back in 1995. Some financial experts say that many lenders have been restructuring

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