BeatThatQuote will improve with Google

Google now has its own price comparison site with its acquisition of BeatThatQuote, and it seems likely that the investment of £37.7 million GPB will pay off in the not-too-distant future.

BeatThatQuote was founded in 2005 by John Paleomylites, and in 2007 Neilsen named it one of the fastest growing websites in the U.K.

The site provides price comparisons for a wide range of financial products including utilities, insurance, loans, credit cards and legal services.  Though it is not the biggest or best known of the comparison sites such as MoneySupermarket and GoCompare, BeatThatQuote is going to be a strong contender, according to Mr. Paleomylites, who is still the site’s Managing Director.  He said that the input of Google’s engineers will help to create the best comparison search available online.

Google has reportedly shown an increasing interest in price comparison technology, and this addition to their portfolio will give them a solid foothold in the market.  By offering price comparisons along with searches, Google will be able to nab a piece of the action whenever someone goes looking online for a new car loan, an insurance policy or any of the other services and products in the personal finance department.  That “someone” is going to include a vast percentage of the U.K.’s population, so the potential revenue is almost guaranteed.


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