British Gas launches OnlineSaver 4

OnlineSaver 4 is the latest to be launched by British Gas and is a new online energy tariff offering a 4% discount to be applied against their standard tariff or dual deal rate. The OnlineSaver 4 tariff is to replace the OnlineSaver 3 starting today and new or existing British Gas customers are eligible.

A guaranteed discount of 4% will be granted to customers when they sign up for the deal. The discount is off the standard tariff until the end of October 2012. The British Gas Energy Smart scheme can also be used by the OnlineSaver 4 customers.

For those that are used to shopping and banking online the new tariff is an excellent option because you can do all the energy management on the net and can get your guaranteed savings off the standard tariff. The Under the Energy Smart scheme is where customers can submit their own meter reading online so an accurate bill can be sent instead of one that is an estimate.

Therefore the homeowner only pays for what they use and the monthly billing helps spread the payments over the year. There is also a free electricity monitor that is included for the OnlineSaver 4 program and customers can see exactly how much energy each of their appliances are using.


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