Broadband switching checklist

A surprisingly high percentage of broadband users are paying much more than they need to be, simply because they cannot be bothered switching from the same internet service provider they have been using for years. The broadband market is a very competitive one, with constant price wars, and often you can save a lot of money just by switching to another provider. Switching broadband provider is actually very easy, but up until fairly recently this was not necessarily the case, as many companies made it purposely difficult to switch away from them. This has all changed in the wake of a crackdown on anti-competitive practices by the UK telecommunications regulator, Ofcom. If you are looking to switch provider, there are some great broadband deals available at the Sky online shop. Here are some tips to help you make the switch to a better-value provider.

Check your contract

The majority of broadband provider’s contracts last between a year and 18 months, and if you leave before the end of this term, you could be penalised financially. Even if they do not penalise you for leaving early, you may have to pay for the equipment that they gave you, or send it back to them in the original boxes.

Check to see if there is a migration fee

While the vast majority of providers will allow you to transfer your broadband service to them free of charge, as they are keen to get your business, some will still charge a migration fee, which is typically around the £10-£15 mark. You should be sure to find out about this before you switch, as it can often be something of a last minute surprise, especially if you did not read the small print.

Find out your MAC

In order to switch providers, you need to be able to give a MAC (Migration Authorisation Code) to your new supplier. In order to obtain this, you must get in touch with your existing supplier. However, this should not be a problem, as it is a standard procedure that the customer service team will be used to handling. You may find that when you ask for your MAC that your existing provider will offer you a more competitive deal in order to persuade you to stay with the firm, so if you are happy enough with your current broadband service, aside from any concerns about price, then it may be worth letting them know that you are thinking of leaving in order to find out what they are prepared to offer you.


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