Cromwell hacker jailed for 3 years after £26.9m credit card fraud

After enabling over £26.9 million in credit card fraud, a Cromwell hacker has been given a three year jail sentence. Twenty-one year old Jay Moore set the website Freshshop so that cyber criminals could trade stolen payment card data.

When the home of his parents was raided by officers from SOCA (Serious Organised Crime Agency) almost £81,000 was discovered in his bedroom. Card details for over 340,000 people were found after his computers were searched. Mr Moore put in guilty pleas for 12 charges of computer misuse, fraud and money laundering on June 1 at Bristol Crown Court. Mr Moore was sent to jail.

A spokesman from SOCA claims that more victims may have been targeted by this cyber-criminal. The spokesman continued by saying the sale of the data would have earned Mr Moore a lot of money, inclusive of the £80,700 at his house and £170,000 which had been credited to his bank account.

Information brokered by Mr Moore could also have been used to set up fake bank accounts, which can be used in further fraudulent crimes. He recruited Damian Horne from Manchester, after setting up the website. Mr Moore met the 22 year old in a chat room for hackers, and soon started their illegal activities selling stolen online gaming codes and iTunes vouchers on eBay.

They soon moved on to stealing credit card data and then laundering the money through various bank accounts, oversea money exchangers and financial institutions. Although Mr Moore has no formal qualification, he was able to use advanced computer skills to gain access to credit card information which was made available through Freshshop. The website looked and operated like most online retail sites.

Other hackers were also able to sell data through the website, for a commission charge payable to Mr Moore. Amongst other things he was able to buy a top BMW and personalized registration with his gains. The registration alone would have cost over £10,000.


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