Energy prices still rising despite massive profits for the big 6 providers

After the cold winter that left Britain homeowners using their fuel allowances, many households are still suffering the rising costs of energy costs due to the fact that energy bills are now higher than they ever have been before and look to continue increasing over the next few months. It is estimated that about three million households are in a state of ‘fuel poverty’ which is when utility bills account for over ten percent of the monthly home budget.

Ironically, in the face of consumers suffering, the Big Six energy firms in Britain including Scottish Power and EDF Energy are expected to announce profits that total way over £15b. With this in mind, the only solution left for consumers is to become more energy efficient and to take a look around at new energy suppliers that might help you reduce your monthly energy bills and costs.

There are several different ways that you can consider switching your supplier, but the best and cheapest way to do so will normally be by heading online to look for a dual-fuel tariff. On the other hand, you also should take a close look at your bill because if there are any errors on it you may be entitled to receive some compensation for the mistake.

When it comes to reducing your energy costs a good idea is to take a look at fridges and freezers that you may have in your home that are older in age. While replacing a freezer can be expensive, if you are using a model that is ten years or older you can save as much as 50% energy with a new model helping to cut down energy costs every month. You can also consider defrosting the freezer or changing the door seals to help improve the overall energy efficiency of the model you do own.


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