How do Sim Only seals work?

Over the last year sim only deals have become quite popular among those that want the freedom to use any mobile they want under a monthly basis, rather than long term.  A sim only deal basically allows you to purchase a package that includes a certain amount of text messages, minutes, and downloads for one price on a monthly basis.  The contracts do not come with any fixed term periods and the user can cancel the contract at any time so long as they give a thirty day notice of their intention.

Sim only deals are only practical as the name suggests for those who already have a mobile phone since they do not come with a handset given the short term nature of the contract.   While you may have to purchase a mobile to make the deal work for you, the beauty is that a user has the freedom to change their price plan at any time based on your estimated usage of the mobile phone from month to month.

For example, a user that is heading on holiday and suspects they will not use their mobile may choose to downgrade their package for the month and then swap it back to their normal deal the following month.

The ability to swap deals is also great for those who are not sure of their actual usage needs since a basic sim only deal can be chosen and then adjusted each month until the best plan that fits the user’s needs is assumed.

Another freedom that sim only deals offer is that if you find you are unhappy with the network service due to poor signal or service you can simply choose to cancel the service after a month without any early termination fees.

Even better about the sim only deals, is that most offer free sim cards making the initial equipment purchase absolutely free if you already a mobile phone.  Most plans additionally offer large amounts of minutes, texts, and cash back compared to a standard mobile contract, which can be lucrative for those that spend large amounts of time on their mobile phones.

Other advantages that are found among popular sim only deals include free internet browsing, free land line calls with purchase of a sim only deal for the duration of its use, and even free downloads which on a contract plan can get costly quickly.


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