Lloyds Banking Group battered for complaints

Lloyds Banking Group has once more scored among the highest number of complaints filed with the Financial Ombudsman during the initial six months of the year.  Lloyds TSB Bank received almost two times the number of complaints as Barclays collected, which came in second in the table.

It was, however, the second time that Barclays had a higher number of complaints upheld than Lloyds.  Complaints against Barclays were upheld 61per cent of the time in comparison to Lloyds TSB, which were upheld 45per cent of the time.

The ombudsman service totalled up 84, 212 complaints between 1 January and 30 June of 2010 compared to 82,126 complaints in the last half of 2009.  A majority of these grievances were filed regarding sales of payment protection insurance.

Nearly half of all the complaints received by the ombudsman service for this initial six-month period were tallied between Lloyds, Barclays, Santander, Royal Bank of Scotland and HSBC.  These five institutions combined were responsible for 47,507 complaints.  The number of complaints upheld varied widely from bank to bank, with Santander only having 19per cent upheld, while Barclays was highest.

The ombudsman service upheld around 44per cent of the complaints across the 160 businesses included in the data.  This is lower in comparison to the 53per cent upheld in the consumers favour at the end of 2009.

Lloyds attributes their figures to the size of their operations.  When serving 30 million customers, the largest client base in the country, they feel they are bound to have more complaints.

While the ombudsman service recognises that the size of the business is likely to influence the number of complaints, they have been unable to find any experts who agree exactly how to factor it into the statistics.


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