Online shopping is huge across the globe especially the UK

A recent report surveyed over 10,000 adults from more than 30 countries and found that all around the world new technologies are being adopted at a very fast pace. This  suggests that there is a change in the commercial landscape and the lifestyles of consumers all around the world.

One of the most interesting figures was that the majority of people prefer to buy things online and that in the UK nearly 75% of people prefer to buy holidays and flights over the Internet. Nearly 80% of respondents said that they preferred to buy media items, such as video games and DVDs online.

One of the companies that is benefitting from this the most is PayPal. The survey showed that people were preferring to pay with online payment portals, rather than with their bank card. PayPal was the preferred method of payment online in countries across the Middle East and Europe.

The survey has also highlighted how smart phones are changing people’s shopping experience and how when people are buying things on the high street they are using smart phones to enhance the experience.

One in every four people in the UK said that they would use their smart phone to locate the store they are looking for. Currently, sales through mobile phones account for about 3% of all online sales and many shops with an online presence are beginning to roll out mobile shopping applications.

Despite the privacy concerns, over 60% of consumers said that they would be happy for advertisers to have access to their personal profile if it meant they would be able to get access to lower prices or free content. Privacy concerns remain important for people who use online banking and less than three in every ten people have used a mobile application for banking in the last half year.


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