Tesco Compare and Tesco Bank work closer together to offer more choice for customers

Tesco Compare and Tesco Bank work closer together to offer more choice for customers

Tesco Bank has recently announced that it will be working with Tesco compare to offer its customers more transparency when they are choosing their car insurance or their  home insurance quotes. The new service will mean that people who have come to Tesco Bank to investigate the option of insuring with them, will be able to easily see what all other competitors are offering them. It will also be able to direct customers who the bank cannot cover to insurers who might be able to meet their needs – these will generally be people who are in a high risk group.

The system works by asking people who are applying for quotes on Tesco’s website to compare the price they are getting with Tesco, with other insurers. Importantly, unlike with other comparison portals, you don’t have to enter all of the details again as the website will remember all of your insurance details.

The Commercial Director of Tesco Compare is Vikki Macleod and she has said, “We are very pleased to be able to work with Tesco Bank so that we can offer the best value to our customers. We want to offer a transparent service so that the people who shop with us can really get the best deal available.”

Launched in 2007, Tesco Compare can find deals for customers from leading car and home insurance providers; it can also introduce people to many comparison services for products, including insurance, money, utilities and telecoms.

Search for summer autumn

Tesco Compare intends this autumn to continue to help people search for deals so they could save money. In addition to comparing by price, customers can compare by features and benefits through the quick and simple comparison service.

Summing up, Vikki Macleod, said: “We are sure the new arrangement will embody the Tesco Bank spirit of treating customers fairly. During these tough financial times we appreciate that Every Little Helps can make a difference when finding deals on insurance and other financial products.”

Why not search to see if you could save money this autumn? Visit the Tesco Compare website


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