Those over 65 are put back in control of their travel insurance thanks to Bought By Many

Older travellers are being given the control again over their travel insurance thanks to Bought By Many as the company have teamed up with Travel Adder, the travel insurance specialists, and have launched a brand new offer for those over 65.

Those over the age of 65 can now save as much as 8.6% off all policies purchased from Travel Adder, and all they have to do to get these savings is to join the Bought by Many’s travel insurance group exclusively for over 65’s.

Over 300 people over the age of 65 initially registered their interest to get a better deal on their travel insurance, and this collective buying power has been used by Bought By Many to secure this great deal.

Age is an issue for insurance companies because most of their costs come from people requiring medical treatment when they’re on holiday. Many insurers believe that Over 65s are more likely to have medical conditions, and as a result they will either increase prices or decline to insure Over 65s at all.

Bought By Many’s offer puts Over 65s in control by giving them a choice about whether to cover any medical conditions they may have. They can therefore choose to keep costs down, while still being covered for incidents such as flight cancellations or loss of luggage.  But regardless of whether they choose to include or exclude cover for pre existing medical conditions, they will still benefit from the discount.

“We’ve created this offer based on the overwhelming feedback we’ve received from consumers,” said Steven Mendel, CEO and co-founder of Bought By Many. “We think the high costs and the lack of flexibility in travel insurance for older people are unfair, and we’re delighted to be working with Travel Adder to change that for the better”.

“Working with Bought By Many means we can offer Over 65s greater flexibility and value-for-money”, said Christian Young, CEO of Travel Adder.  “It’s important that Over 65s can access the protection that younger people often take for granted when they go on holiday.”

Bought By Many helps consumers club together in groups to get a better deal on insurance – the bigger the group becomes, the better the offer they can negotiate.

Over 65s can join the group, get a quote, and apply online via the Bought By Many website: Travel insurance over 65



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