Derry solicitor controversially advises citizens not to pay parking fines

A prominent solicitor in Derry is offering some unusual advice up to citizens in the area advising them not to pay any fines that they may receive for imprecise parking at retail parks in the city. According to Greg McCartney, these types of fines come from privately owned parking control companies and therefore the fines can be ignored beucase they are not actually enforceable in any type of criminal law courtroom.

His comments were sparked after the ‘Journal’ published an article stating that Waterside shoppers for being fined as much as ninety pounds for parking errors committed at Crescent Link and Lisnagelvin Retail Parks.

This week drivers have been writing into the ‘Journal’ in storms upset over fines that they received due to not correctly parking within a marked space at the shopping centers. According to McCartney, the firm is hired by the management company of the retail parks and therefore they can only intimidate based on fear alone and do not have any legal recourse.

According to McCartney, any driver that receives a fine from the UK Parking Control firm should just ignore it. The contract is actually only written to the actual driver of the car that parked the vehicle and not to the owner of the car.

He said that the company will write to the DVA to find out the owner of the car and ask for details about who was driving, but there is no law in place that states the owner must tell them. Even if they do find out the identification of the driver, they still have to prove the contract which can only be done if they can prove the driver read and accepted the terms and conditions of parking in the retail park which is near impossible.


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