UK credit rating system explained by aqua card infographic

UK credit rating system explained by aqua card infographic

The well known provider of credit cards for bad credit, Aqua Card, has just released a new infographic aimed at helping the British public to better understand their personal credit ratings. This in-depth graphic, specifically designed to explain what does and does not affect credit ratings, how credit reference agencies calculate your score and how you can go about improving your own credit score.

~It also contains useful information along the lines of what makes a borrower low or high risk, as well as looking at the information that lenders use when it comes to making their decisions regarding giving credit. Aqua Card are a specialist lender in the field of bad credit and are the first financial company in the UK to release an infographic covering this topic.

One of the online managers at Aqua Card, Emma Davis, said that they had discovered that approximately 165,000 online searches took place every month in the UK using the phrase “What is credit rating?” and that t here were numerous forums discussing the various legends and myths surrounding the world of finances. She added that Aqua Card wanted to clear up all the confusion and fear that people had.

One of the most misconceptions amongst the public is that creditors can look at an applicants credit file and see if they have been declined credit before, and this stops them offering any. This is a totally myth as while creditors can access credit files, they can only see what credit has been applied for, not the result.

Emma continues: “We realise that lots of complex financial copy on a webpage can be overwhelming for customers, so creating an infographic was the perfect way to explain a detailed topic in a clear and concise format.”

The information in the What is Credit Rating? infographic has been compiled with the help of the expert finance team at aqua card. For more information on how to repair bad credit visit


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