Alternative given to NHS waiting lists

People regard the NHS is a very valuable facility but sometimes people also need additional peace of mind that they will have prompt access to treatment or diagnosis if there is a delay in NHS care. It is possible to create a programme where the care provided by the NHS is balanced with some level of private medical care.

More people than ever before are waiting to get treatment on the NHS and in the last year this increase has been significant. Some parts of the NHS have particularly lengthy delays, such as departments responsible for providing knee and hip replacements. It is estimated that in this category patients have been waiting for longer than four and a half months for treatment.

Healthier Solutions is the individual private medical insurance that is provided by the insurance firm Aviva. This will give potential patients several benefits over the healthcare provided by the NHS. Instead of having appointment time fitted to suit the NHS, you are able to choose an appointment that is at a suitable time for you, and in a suitable location.

The speed of treatment is also significantly faster and 50 percent of those surveyed by Aviva said that this was the reason they chose the insurance by the company. The insurance policy will give you access to many private hospitals located in the UK and this will be a very comfortable experience. You will be treated by a consultant that has been recognised by Aviva to ensure that you get the best care possible.

There are also numerous benefits that come with the policy that are designed to ensure your well-being and health as soon as you sign up, not just when you immediately need medical care. You will be entitled to discounted gym membership at several locations and also get access to a 24-hour helpline through which you can contact a GP.

There are also numerous other programmes in place designed to monitor your health and ensure that your health is continually maintained. It is easy to get this private health insurance and it can even be done over the telephone.


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