Barnardo’s teams up with QualitySolicitors for ‘Will Week’

Barnardo's teams up with QualitySolicitors for 'will week'

Barnardo’s teams up with QualitySolicitors for ‘will week’

Barnardo’s and QualitySolicitors have spent a great deal of effort and time in creating an award scheme, which is going to help a great many people prepare for the future.

The legal group, and the charity have come together to promote legacy donations, and will writing.

Quality Solicitors is a national network of firms that have come together to work under one brand. Barnardo’s is the largest charity for children in the UK, and they are going to be launching the Barnardo’s Will Week, which is part of an exclusive partnership between the law firms, and the charity.

Selected branches of Barnardo’s will have a representative from their local QualitySolicitors firm in store for much of that week, offering impartial advice and a will writing service to shoppers and Barnardo’s supporters.

The service, open to any member of the general public over the age of 55, aims to highlight the importance of preparing a will, and encourage people to remember Barnardo’s in their will if they would like to help the charity continue its work with some of the UK’s most vulnerable children in the future.

Will Week is part of an ongoing initiative between the two groups which began in 2010 after QualitySolicitors founder and family law barrister Craig Holt, saw the work of Barnardo’s first hand in a child protection court case, and approached the charity about a partnership. Since then QualitySolicitors and Barnardo‘s have invested a lot of time and effort into the award winning scheme, which has already helped hundreds of people prepare for the future. To date, the partnership has raised an estimated £3m in legacies for Barnardo’s.

Dylan Carroll who manages the Barnardo’s Will Scheme, said: “We are delighted to continue our work with QualitySolicitors and be working in partnership in this unique way to make more people aware of the benefits of writing a will.

“Almost half of the donations Barnardo’s receives from the general public are given through wills. Once people have made provision for loved ones we hope they will consider making a gift to Barnardo’s and, by doing so, help change the lives of many disadvantaged children in the future.”

Barnardo’s supports some of the most vulnerable children in the UK, children whose lives are shattered by neglect, abuse and family breakdown, exclusion from education or poor access to training and employment.


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