Dealing with nuisance sales calls

Promotion calls by vendors over the phone is something that has become quite an irritant and in most cases just un-stoppable. The fact that most of these calls originate from sources that are not native adds to the difficulty of applying regulations on them from stopping such promotional activities. The originators of such calls are unscrupulous and have no care for individual likes, sentiments or privacy.

Some of the possible ways that we can implement for protecting ourselves from such calls are to make sure that the number we use is ex-directory. There is also the Telephone Preference Service (0845 070 0707) where the personal number can be registered and the Direct Marketing Association runs this service for free.

This would put a stop to most telemarketing company calls as well as those requesting for funds for charities. Rogue callers, however, would not be stopped with these steps and they belong to a group of their own.

One frequent point of where there is a leakage of personal data, including our phone number, is when we fill in forms at different places, both official and unofficial. If we did take care on whom we give out our phone number to, we will be out of bounds of such rogue callers.

There are people who sell the phone number details to the rogue telemarketing services. Even if the phone number has to be given it must be ensured that privacy option clauses have been selected in these cases. These number can still be picked up by people who dial random numbers and then call up, also called farmers.

Vodafone customers who receive spam text messages on their mobile can report the same at 7726, or to 87726 and similarly customers of other service providers can forward the messages to their respective customer service provider.



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