Equity release schemes explained

If you are in need of some extra cash then it is possible to take advantage of something called an equity release scheme. This is something that allows you to free up some of the cash that is held in your house without having to pay any tax on it.

Typically this sort of equity release doesn’t mean you have to make any monthly repayments and it can be a great idea for those who are aged over 55. Many of these schemes have a limitation on them but it is fairly simple, and that is that your home has to be worth over £50,000.

If you are considering this sort of plan for your financial future than it can be a good idea to approach a specialist who will do the research on which equity release scheme will be best for you. An independent company that is worth considering is Key Retirement Solutions. They are dedicated to finding new the right equity release plan and they have no affiliation with any of the companies who they will offer you a deal with.

The company have also something called an equity release calculator which will allow you to see whether you are capable of getting equity release on your home, and if you are, how much cash you can claim from it. You can call the company in order to get information about releasing equity in your home, or you can find more information about it in a recent guide that was released with the Daily Mail newspaper. The representatives of the company will be happy to answer any questions you have about equity release.


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