Good health apps literally now cost pennies

Almost everyone today has either a tablet or a smartphone in their pocket or bags, and that means that financial health is really just a few clicks away. There are many different apps designed to help make personal finance a bit easier for the modern person. Now you do not have to be a finance expert in order to keep your accounts in order because chances are there is an app for that. The following is a short list of some of the best apps available for download at low cost to help sort your monthly finances and keep spending on track.

First on the list is Debt Manager which cost a very low 69p to download although it is only available in the Apple store for the time being. Debt Manager allows a user to track and manage all of their debts making it easy to create a repayment strategy that will eventually get you on track to be debt free.

Also only available for Apple is the MoneyWiz which allows you to sync all of your transactions, bills, accounts, and budgets into one location so that you can update and track your finances with just the click of a button. Plus, you can sync the data across any Apple device you use so that updating your information is easy regardless of where you happen to be. The calendar and list tools make it easy to see where your money is going.

Another great app available for 99p is an app called Meter Readings that allows you to track how much energy your household consumes on a monthly basis. Enter the data consumption numbers that you get from your physical bills and then see how much actual energy you have used and the cost of it. Users in the UK get the added bonus of being able to compare the prices of energy suppliers in their area to see where the best deal is for them.


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