Saving money at Christmas

With the money pinch this year, you’ll likely be pinching your pennies at Christmas. You already think of yourself as frugal, but consider our tips. Meal planning is a good first step to saving money at the holiday season.  Plan the meals for each day and follow it up with a grocery list. Of course, you’ll have to stick to it once you hit the isles.

While some are saying to buy a smaller bird, try buying the biggest bird you can stuff in your oven and that your fridge will accommodate for left overs. The strategy is to buy and cook in bulk so you  and your many guests will be well fed for days. 8-11 people can be fed at one meal with a 5kg turkey. A 3.5kg one feeds 4-7 guests. So if you include yourself in the count, a 10kg turkey should feed 4 people for at least four days, or 8 people for two days. You won’t have to cook for a few days after.

Try not to make your table look exactly like what you’ve seen on TV. You are more likely to over buy than to dress it appropriately. Don’t be too frugal or you’ll win a reputation for being mean.

When at the store, don’t hesitate to grab anything discounted deep, but be careful about buying much more than what you came for. After all, these cheap items are designed to suck you into the supermarket so you’ll buy everything your eye desires. Control yourself. Along these same lines, do not take your children with you when you do holiday shopping.

Follow our suggestions and you’ll find yourself a little less poor at the end of the holidays and with your reputation intact for generosity.


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