Becoming a party planner can be a lucrative sideline

If money is tight there are several ways that you can supplement your income. The first thing you can do is think like Pippa Middleton and start planning parties. If you are a good planner then being a party consultant is a great way to get some money on the side since you can choose the type of parties that you want to plan and when you want to plan them.

The Chancellor just revealed new plans that are going to put a halt on the annual increase in benefits to only one percent over the next three years. In the statement he made it seem as if the move will only be a problem for those who are unemployed, but he did not mention that hard working families and new mothers are going to be paying a large price as well.

If you take a close look at the Treasury documents you will see that one of the benefits that are not going to be increasing will be maternity pay. It’s obvious that he did not mention that because had he said it straight out there would have been a lot of public outcry.

Right now the first six weeks of maternity leave paid to a mother are offered at 90% of the wage that they would be paid, and this figure is not going to change. However, for the last 33 weeks of statutory maternity pay women get £135.45 per week to help them get through and this amount is not going to change to be a more fitting amount for inflation making things a bit tougher on mothers.


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