Funeral Prepayment – Put Your Loved Ones Minds at Ease

Millions of people in the UK never get round to doing anything when it comes to funeral prepayment.

This can be due to a number of reasons, including:

  • They’d prefer not to think about their funeral
  • They think they’ll have enough money when they pass away
  • They aren’t aware of how a prepaid funeral plan works

Below we’ll look at each of these points in turn and how taking action can help put your friends and relatives minds at ease.

  • Preferring not to think about your funeral

Thinking about not being around anymore is not pleasant for anyone, but taking one day out of your life to make plans for your funeral can make a big difference to those left behind.

It’s not just finances that you should think about, funeral prepayment plans also make you think about what sort of funeral service you’d like.

If you’ve never spoken to anyone about how you’d like your send-off to be, it can be a distressing time for your loved ones when they have to make all the arrangements with uncertainty and grief hanging over them.

  • Thinking you’ll have enough money when your time comes

A prepaid funeral plan makes sound financial sense. Even if you have enough money put aside for your funeral at today’s prices, it’s difficult to know how much funeral costs may have increased by the time yours comes around.

Funeral prepayment plans allow you to secure the funeral you want at today’s prices, thereby beating any inflationary increases.

By having your funeral already paid for and your wishes expressed, it’s one less thing your family members or friends will have to worry about after you’ve passed away.

  • Are you aware how a prepaid funeral plan works?

If you’re one of the millions of people who don’t want to think about their funeral at all, you may not be aware of the prepayment funeral plans available.

For example, if you have a lump sum put aside, you can use that to secure your funeral at today’s prices. Alternatively, there are fixed monthly payment plans for 12, 24 and 36 months, or you can pay a lower set amount on an ongoing basis which is determined by your age when you take out your prepaid funeral plan.

Author Bio: If you would like more information on prepaid funeral plans and how they work, visit for details on plans and pricing.


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