Move to get financial lessons included in national curriculum

The government believes that staff in banks should study more to better themselves. A report presented by a financial education group to the education department sector stated that they should make sure that any new curriculum should incorporate an improved stipulation aimed at teaching children the subject of finances. The new curriculum must not only provide additional knowledge for the old staff, but also makes sure that the next generation will be ready to handle finances.

Justin Tomlinson, the chairman of a group that concentrates on the monetary education for the younger generation believes that it is their responsibility to ensure that the new generations of end users are capable of making savvy choices. Tomlinson clarified that the people should not only know how to calculate, but also to know other financial functions as well.

On the contrary, Martin Johnson, who works for a union of educators, thinks that they know that there won’t be any problem in dealing with banks, but he doesn’t think that the teacher can organise it and know how to direct what the students should think.

Other than that, Mr Johnson believes that the next generation should understand how to decide when faced with a financial condition. The next generation of staff must know how difficult the benefit system is as well because it is always shifting.

They should also be aware of the legal rights regarding the minimum wage and should be familiar with how much is a living wage. On top of that, they should comprehend why workers need to become a member with a trade alliance working as one.


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