The Fry Group launch first free finance app for smartphones

The Fry Group launch first free finance app for smartphones

The Fry Group launch first free finance app for smartphones

It has been noted that many clients would be more than happy if they had the ability to access news and financial tools from their smartphones and other mobile devices. With this in mind The Fry Group, a specialist financial adviser, has just announced the launch of their first free app that will include a will writing tool, reminders of tax deadlines and other useful calculators.

This app will give the user instant access to both key financial news and planning tips, all delivered straight to their smartphone. The app has been especially designed with not only the aforementioned features but also to give access to useful tool that will help individuals to keep a track of their finances while on the go.

The app includes a number of features including a step-by-step Will writing tool; an annuity rates calculator, deemed domicile calculator and a cost of living calculator. It also contains a note of key tax deadline dates, a link to daily financial news and updates from The Fry Group’s team of advisers.

The Fry Group, which provides wealth management, taxation and financial planning advice to British expatriates and private individuals in the UK, has been operating since 1898 and has a client base of over 5,000 individuals. The app has been designed to not only support existing clients, but anyone wishing to keep abreast of financial deadlines and news.

Comments Aidan Bailey, Director at The Fry Group: “We work with a great deal of individuals both UK resident and globally mobile; including expatriates who spend time in the UK and overseas. In our last client survey, we noted that many of our clients would welcome the ability to access financial tools and news from their mobile devices so they can easily keep on top of their financial matters, no matter where they are. This app has therefore been launched and provides quick, easy to use access to key financial dates and tools – and for free.”

The Fry Group’s app is free of charge and is available to download from iTunes for iPhone and iPad devices (…) or via Google Play for Android.

The Fry Group is headquartered in the UK, with offices in London, Worthing, Exeter, York, Cirencester, Brussels, Cyprus, Hong Kong and Singapore. Further information about The Fry Group is available online at or follow updates via



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