Public liability cover in the spray tan business

2Everyone who has a business that comes into contact with the general public, be it on their premises or the customer’s property, should ensure that they are covered by adequate public liability insurance. As yet, this is still an optional cover for business owners as opposed to insurance they have to have by law, but the problem is the fact that you don’t have to have it is no reason not to have it.

Small, independent businesses who only employ themselves or maybe one or two other members of staff are the most likely to try  and save a few pounds by not buying public liability insurance, when in reality they have the most to lose. For example, if you go to somebody’s house to do them a service and you cause them injury or damage their property, you will find yourself on the receiving end of a large compensation claim with no way of covering it.

This can result in you losing your business and even your personal possessions in order to make the compensation claim, let alone the fees. There are more and more new small businesses that have a small premises or travel around their customer’s homes. Many of these are in the beauty sector, and will all things fake being very much in vogue there are dozens of mobile nail extension, eyelash and spray tan services.

Apart from the fashion aspect, spray tans are also popular with those who want a sun kissed look without risking the damage that the suns rays are known to do to our skin. The problem is that despite you thinking you have every base covered, accidents can still happen, to both the client and their property. A faulty sprayer could result in the tan spraying everything but the customer, and that is not easy stuff to clean off.

Likewise, if the client came to your premises and something went amiss, you would also be liable and without having public liability cover you are up the creek without the proverbial paddle. Granted, these scenarios are unusual but is it really worth taking the risk and losing your business over? Full details of every aspect of public liability insurance can be viewed at

All you budding entrepreneurs out there who are looking to set up their own businesses on a budget and save money wherever possible should not consider not taking out public liability cover as a way to do this. Ultimately, your customers should be your most important consideration, and their safety your utmost priority.

In a society that seems to revel in suing everyone for everything, it makes sense to protect ourselves from all eventualities and ensure that should the worst happen we have the means in place to deal with them without there being any detrimental effect on the business you have worked so hard to set up. Public liability cover should be a priority not an afterthought, don’t make the mistake of trading without it.


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