Phase 2 of the government’s home loan guarantee scheme is up and running

The government increased the home loan guarantee scheme in the second phase and has revealed it to the public with something of a fanfare. At last, the home loan companies will be offering their products to Joe public.

Phase two has been planned in such a way so that small investors can easily buy a real estate property at lower prices than current rates. The purpose

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Despite fall inflation still higher that government target

Though the rate of inflation has been falling and presently stands at 2.7%, it is still higher than the target of 2% that the government has in its mind. This is why middle class is still feeling the heat of inflation with those dependent upon their pensions being the hardest hit as they have small incomes to make ends meet. Peter Tutton, a member of

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Government start to claw back child benefit payments

It was announced by the government in its last budget that it intends to recover some of the child benefit it has been giving to lower income families. The entire child benefit will be recovered in cases where one of the partners earns more than £60000 per annum.

The new proposal, called High Income Child Benefit Charge (HICBC), came into effect from January this year. Those

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PPI could be just the beginning of mis-sold financial products

Millions of consumers are now closer to receiving compensation after they were mis-sold insurance that was originally marketed to them as a way to protect against having their bank cards stolen or losing them. The policies that CCP set up were offered to customers at all of the major banks in the UK.

According to the insurance policy, those who took the extra policy would receive

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Millions of pounds in retirement income wasted each year

Pensioners should benefit from a new Annuity Window that was opened up last week as part of a new initiative. The ABI (Association of British Insurers) opened up a new annuity window that will allow consumers to be more hands-on and informed about how they can tap into their pension pot in order to buy an annuity which is a better way to make sure

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Light at the end of the tunnel for buy to let landlords

According to new figures released from the buy to let mortgage rates market specialist, Chl Mortgages, the amount of arrears levels are at the lowest they have been for the past four years.

Their figures shows that by the close of June only 1.5% of all buy to let mortgages were in arrears in the banks; which is almost 44 basis points lower than the average

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Mortgage base rate increase could financially cripple home owners

A new survey conducted by revealed that although mortgage arrangement fees cost Brits around £3bn total every year most are not aware of the fact that failure to do so may hurt them in the coming months with the rise in the increase rate.

The research group discovered that a great deal of Brits who are attempting to secure fixed mortgages in an attempt to

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ISA trader apps make business easier for traders

If you are an ISA trader, you will already know how vital it is that you have instant and easy access to your portfolios so you can trade, manage your investments and spot both potential risks as well as opportunities. To make this even easier and to ensure that you have all the information to hand wherever you are, there is a whole new breed

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Mortgage lenders claim government legislation to blame for housing market crisis

Lenders are claiming government legislation that forces them to lend a certain amount to first time homebuyers will not help revive the lending market as fixed mortgages are not the solution to helping the housing sector recover. As part of a panel debate that took place at this year’s Mortgage Business Expo, head representatives from Precise, Lloyds, Paragon and ING all stated that there a

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Families can easily save £100 on this years summer holiday by knowing where to look

By simply avoiding holiday spending traps, families will be able to save as much as 100 pounds this summer. A wide range of excess fees can be due to shopping and meal out during a trip abroad. The total amount varies depending on the type of financial medium you use such as cash, debit, or credit card. As you know, different banks impose different charges

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