Investing in greener energy

Switching to renewable energy doesn’t have to be a drastic step for most homeowners. Here, we’ll offer some green energy advice for people at every price point.

Perhaps the green energy solution that most people think of first, solar energy is on the rise for homeowners who want a sustainable way to produce their own electricity. Solar panels collect energy from the sun’s rays and store it on photovoltaic cells that your electrical system can tap for more power. A solar system can help you save untold amounts in energy expenses because it complements your current electricity provider. And if you’re lucky enough to live in a rural area where your home is exposed to direct sunlight, you may even be able to produce enough energy to go completely off the grid.

Wind power works much in the same way that solar power does, except instead of collecting energy from the sun, small wind turbines begin to generate their own energy when they spin. This is another solution for the all-out energy switcher who wants to save money in a big way. Wind power isn’t as prevalent as solar, but the number homeowners switching to wind is steadily growing.

Both of these installations save lots of money in the long run, but it’s impossible to overlook their start-up costs. Installing a renewable energy system can come with a hefty price tag upfront, which is why there are a lot of homeowners who simply aren’t able to do it. However, there is a simpler, less expensive solution that everyone can use.

Many energy providers operate by generating electricity from a diverse range of resources that include renewable forms of energy in addition to fossil fuels. And there are some energy providers that specialise explicitly in renewables. To find out if your company is one of them, a little online research or a quick phone call should do the trick, and it is just as easy to switch providers. Renewable energy in the UK is often only pennies more than electricity created by burning fossil fuels, and it comes with the knowledge of knowing that you are revolutionising the way you live.

Just as important as paying attention to where your energy is coming from is knowing exactly where it is going. Homeowners can also be money-smart by taking steps to save their renewable energy through small investments like compact fluorescent light bulbs, weatherstripping for doors and windows, and plumbing fixtures that limit the flow of water from the tap.

When it comes to investing in greener energy, it pays to be both savvy about your money and creative with your energy solutions. As you make these changes, you may even discover some new fixes for an old energy problem.

Article Courtesy of Good Energy


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