Why use a UK wide valuation company

Anyone that is interested in buying a house in UK should consider getting a building survey or a homebuyers report from a reputable firm prior to making their final decision. By using one of these firms, you can get the peace of mind that you are buying a home or property that is worth its price. Prior to getting one of these reports, it is a good idea to first know more about them and what they entail.

Homebuyer reports are a service offered by valuation firms and are a very cost effective way of minimizing any risk when buying a home. These reports main focus is one any problems or defects with the structure that need to be attended urgently and which could have an effect on the homes value. While a building survey covers the complete survey of the property, a home buyers report will also include a valuation of the house. By getting a home buyers report, the potential buyer will be able to make a more informed decision on whether or not to purchase the house, flat or building. They will also have a better idea of what the property is worth and what a good offer will be. They will know what work needs to be done and can therefore make clear decisions about making an offer to purchase.

A building survey is a much more comprehensive report of a structure. These surveys are recommended for buildings that were built prior to the 1940’s or any building that has been extended or altered in any way. During the survey, the surveyor will carefully inspect all of the exterior as well as the interior aspects or features of the house. They will check to see if the foundations are still solid and intact as well as check any insulation and do a damp test. After they have completed a survey of the wiring, plumbing, roof and ceilings, floors, windows, timbers, heating and many other structural areas, they will provide you with the complete report. Should they feel that there are any urgent repairs needed, they will list them on a separate page. The buyer can then see a contractor to get a quote for the repairs that need to be done. On request they are also able to provide you with a house valuation of the property if needed.

Anyone buying a house, who is not sure if they are getting value for their money or who would like to know about any repairs that will have to be done will benefit greatly by getting a full survey or report from an experienced firm that offers these services. There are a few great nationwide firms that can help and give you a competitive quote for your maximum peace of mind.

Article Courtesy of www.direct-valuations.com.


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