Credit card usage set to soar over the Christmas period

It should not come as too much of a shock that credit card usage numbers went up during the Christmas season as many Brits turned to their plastic to help finance their Christmas gifts. According to figures, about a third of all people used plastic in order to buy their presents adding to their total debt while another 13% chose to overdraft or take out

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Balance transfer customers are missing payments and adding to their debt has released the findings of their latest research which claims that 25% of the total number of people who went after cheap balance-transfer credit cards, have missed at least one monthly payment in the past year. In most of these cases, they have to pay an interest fee of around 20% per year, in addition to their already debts.

The research was conducted after Barclaycard

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Transferring credit card debt is a smart way of avoiding high interest payments

There has never been a better time to try and reduce debt on that credit card that keeps racking up eye watering interest, and one of the common ways of attempting to avoid interest charges is to transfer the debt over on to a credit card offering 0% interest which enables customers to avoid those charges for a set period of time.

There is a website

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People are paying off their debts rather than spending

Many Britons that are strapped for cash are lowering their savings and cutting their spending to try and bring down their credit card balances that have built up in the last couple of years. Five million people have eliminated their credit card debt in the past year by reducing their savings on average by 5%.

ING Direct, a Dutch owned bank, found savings on average fell

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How to dig yourself out of credit card debt

With credit card debt on the increase seeking advice from a debt counsellor is a first approach to discharging the debt. Some people are seriously affected knowing that they owe large amounts of money and receipt of the monthly statement only adds to their discomfort. In extreme cases a person’s health may be put at risk.

Stress levels increase when the monthly payment decisions are made

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Master the Card: Say Goodbye to Credit Card Debt…Forever.

You do want to conquer that mountain of credit card debt and Joe Paretta gives straight forward advice on accomplishing exactly that in Master the Card: Say Goodbye to Credit Card Debt…Forever.

The material is easily approachable and encouraging. The steps to freedom are sound ones, already employed by millions, but the book also provides the needed goading to get you moving on toward your personal

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