Equifax advise potential users of the Home to Buy mortgage guarantee scheme

www.equifax.co.uk has all the details you will need if you are looking to take advantage of the ‘Help to Buy’ mortgage guarantee scheme from the Government.

In a week when it is expected that thousands of potential first time buyers will be looking to take advantage of the Help to Buy mortgage guarantee scheme to get their feet on the property ladder, Equifax have highlighted the

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Phase 2 of the government’s home loan guarantee scheme is up and running

The government increased the home loan guarantee scheme in the second phase and has revealed it to the public with something of a fanfare. At last, the home loan companies will be offering their products to Joe public.

Phase two has been planned in such a way so that small investors can easily buy a real estate property at lower prices than current rates. The purpose

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People joining together to buy a house

Many who cannot afford to buy a house for the first time are banding together with friends or their partner to increase their possibilities. However, take a good, long time to consider the benefits and disadvantages of such an approach.

The strict policies in lending, the high prices on property, and the huge deposits required make it a feat of super-human strength to buy anything at

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