More than half of the over 40’s have no life insurance

Research conducted in Great Britain states that more than half of the total British population with ages of 40 and above have no insurances to cover for the surviving partner’s income, in case they die. Out of these, women aged 40 and above are more prone to entirely depend on the income of their partners at retirement, with 20%, while the rate for men doing

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Understanding Life Insurance

Life insurance isn’t always the easiest concept to understand. Thanks to technical legal terminology and a complicated system, many can often become confused by the prospect.

To this end, here is some easy-to-understand information regarding life insurance. From the benefits of insurance, to the various types available, there are more options out there than you might have originally realised.

The Benefits

The main reason behind life insurance is

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Ten reasons why you need life insurance

With a number of policies and financial products being offered to us on a regular basis, it can sometimes be difficult to know what is needed and what is not. Life insurance, whilst not a legal requirement is still a highly important product and here are ten reasons why:

1. It protects more than just you – the main purpose of life insurance is to offer

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